The Sandalwood Spa - Hair Removal and Tinting
Hair Removal and Tinting

We use Satin Smooth Wax which is a low teperature wax, which removes the hair at the root, and is suitable for even sensitive skin types. Our wax is gentle on the skin and leaves skin hair free, and silky smooth with minimal redness
Brow Wax                                                                            $15.00
Brow Wax with Tint                                                             $20.00
Upper Lip or Chin Wax                                                         $10.00
Full Face Wax                                                                      $35.00
EyelashTint                                                                         $20.00
Underarm Wax                                                                     $25.00
Half Arm Wax                                                                      $30.00
Full Arm Wax                                                                       $40.00
Bikini Wax                                                                           $25.00
French Bikini Wax                                                                $35.00
Half Leg Wax                                                                       $30.00
Full Leg Wax                                                                        $45.00
Half Leg Bikini Underarm Wax                                             $75.00
Back Wax                                                                             $40.00